Conventional Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems (APFC) which were commonly installed in majority of installations to improve power factor till few years back. These systems are having severe limitations in installations with dynamic load changes, sensitive electronic loads and harmonic generating loads. Not only conventional APFC are ill-equipped to compensate these types of loads but at a same time generate further operational problems in network by aggravating already poor power quality conditions. This in turn drastically reduces the life span of APFC equipment itself. Repeated investment in solving operational issues and repairing APFC panel becomes regular features of such installations. Realizing this problem many years back we started offering static solutions for Power Factor Correction. Result is Stat of Art Dynamic Thyristor Switched Activcomp System which offers Dynamic Compensation of Power Factor in Real Time. It is Real Time System where in capacitors are connected and dis-connected in the network at zero current crossing through Thyristor switches. This smooth connection and dis-connection avoids the transients effect typically created by Contactors Switched APFC Systems. Additionaly this system is used for harmonic filtration through tuned and detuned reactor as per system designed. Activcomp System offers Real Time and Efficient Reactive Power Compensation for fast variable loads, sensitive loads, unbalanced loads, normal loads with moderate to high harmonics. It has Dual Power Factor setting suitable for reactive power compensation on Utility supply and DG supply. It is now replacing normal Contactor Switched APFC Systems in most of the commercial and industrial installations. Many Activcomp Systems are running successfully all over India and abroad since more than last 15 years. The systems are available in following two configurations :

Automatic Power Factor Controller

  • Suitable for Power Factor Correction using Thyristor Modules

  • Master-Slave Function

  • GSM / GPRS Model (optional)

  • LCD Display

  • Streamline Design The G8 Controller has an ergonomic design and, at the same time, particular care has been given to minimum detail aesthetics

General characteristics

The G8 controller has been designed to satisfy technical characteristics of modern electrical installations in industry and of new users' needs. Main power factor controller characteristics include: reliability, capability of working in all conditions and the ability to detect critical operating conditions and all this to protect the power factor correction system. G8 is created to satisfy these requirements and with the option to extend its own functionality by using specific expansion modules. A standard-supplied USB optic port is also available for controller programming, diagnosis and data downloads. User's interface is easy thanks to the backlight graphic LCD that contributes to excellent data reading even with bad lighting conditions and to view information clearly and comprehensively.


Neptune-Ducati ranges of Capacitor Banks are using Capacitor modules from M/s Ducati energia s.p.a, Italy. Ducati energia is a leading company in production of power factor correction capacitors. Following this tradition, continuous investments in research and development of new products have represented the policy of the company.

The result of this philosophy is the new range of Long Life Capacitors MONO16 and MODULO50. Thanks to the technological innovation of self-healing metallized polypropylene; the rated power of 50 KVAR is achieved in just one 3-phase element with very compact dimensions & a much higher life expectancy in comparison with other models.

These new Long Life capacitors Mono16 & Modulo50 reach an expected life of more than 150,000 hours and a size reduction up to 40% against the technologies so far applied with low loss of 0.2W/KVAR. With 4In capabilities and oil impregnation, the performance of these capacitors are much better in comparison to other technologies available in market like gas filled and dry type.    


Harmonic Block Reactor

Design Features

Neptune Filter Circuits are designed as three-phase reactors with an iron core and air gap. Harmonic Filter Reactors are made out of high quality material and very stringent quality control. It has been designed with properties like low temperature rise and lower flux density so that it can operate in worst conditions of ambient and harmonic overloads. They offer very good degree of linearity and low losses. Cheaper and non-linear reactors may trigger

undesirable chain phenomena during periods of operation with high harmonic values, such as reducing in the inductance with consequent increase in the resonance frequency of the LC group, which would drain off more harmonic 

Capacitor Specifications

Standard Voltage (Un) 525V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Capacitance Tolerance -0+5%
AC Test Volt. Between term. 2.15Unx10"
AC Test Volt. Between term. and Case 3kVx 10"
Dielectric losses <0.2W/KVAR
Temperature class -40 + 55C
Service  Continuous 
Discharge Resistor  10% of Un in 20 Sec.
Over Heating  <60C
Inrush Current withstand Capability  200In
Expected life 150,000h
Max. permissible current  4 In 
Connection  Delta
Terminals  1x M 12 (up to 50 KVAR)
Installation  Internal 
Reference standard EN 60831-1/2

current, further reducing its inductance and overload the reactor more and more. Reactors are available with filtering factor of 5.6%, 7% and 14% as per standard ratings. Any other filtering factor and rating can be developed on request.


The 50 Hz losses are comparatively low but when the filter circuit reactors are installed into the cabinets, they are charged with additional currents, predominately those of the 5th, 7th & 11th harmonics. Then the total heat losses are dissipated by the means of Centrifugal Fans on the ceiling of cabinets.

Series Combination

Reactors are designed to be used in series with capacitor banks to make Tuned or
De-Tuned Filter Circuit as per Activcomp design requirement.

Tuned & De-tuned Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Block Reactor Specifications
Rated Voltage  3x415/440V
Frequency  50Hz
Construction Max. Voltage  1000V
Test Voltage 2500V
Filtering Factors/Tuning Freq. 5.6%(210Hz)
Tolerance of Inductance  +2%
Linearity  200%
Ambient Temperature  +55C
Winding Material  Cu
Insulation Class H
Cooling Method  Forced air cooling in Enclosure 
Installation  Indoor
Temp. sensor(normally closed ) 155C
Reference Standard  IEC 61558-2-20


Switching Module

Integrated Thyristor Modules with Heat Sink, Firing Board Circuit, Axial Flow Fan with Thermostat are available in following models :
15 KVAR PS15
25 KVAR PS25
50 KVAR PS50
100 KVAR PS100
150 KVAR PS150
30 KVAR PS30
60 KVAR PS60
120 KVAR PS120

Software & Network Solutions

Power IQ - Software

  • Provides complete System Remote Control

  • Real Time measurements

  • Time-Of-Use
  • Harmonic & Waveform graphic and tabular Display
  • Comprehensive Data Logging, including Triggers and set points


This easy - to - use software displays the system's status, as well as the measurement results on numerous screens running under Windows (95, 98, me, NT, 2000 & XP). PowerIQ integrates all Activcomp systems, allowing power quality analysis, cycle to cycle demand & power factor monitoring. PowerIQ includes real - time measurements, as well as comprehensive data logging and power quality analysis features. All screens allow customization, printing and exporting of data. The network version enables complete and Internet operation, as well intra-net as modem access.

Power IQ - Power Quality Management System

PowerIQ displays the harmonics spectrum, both as a graph and table, in addition to harmonic analysis parameters (THD, K-Factor and Crest-Factor). Compliance monitoring of international power quality standards, such as IEEE-519, allows easy network analysis.

Scope Displays waves and their phase shifting, and enables detection of existing or potential power quality problems.

Real Time Measurement

Provides clearly visible real time values, with min. and max..


Dimension and System Specifications

Modular Steel Metal Enclosures

Enclosure Finish
Epoxy powder coated, in grey (RAL 7035)
Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated / powder coated

Rated Voltage
380V-800V/50Hz (Any other voltage on request)

3 Phase Intelligent Controller with GSM/GPRS connectivity for remote data monitoring

Backup Protection for Capacitor Bank
HRC Fuses (Optional-SFUs / MCCBs)

Thyristor Switching Module
Integrated Thyristor Modules with Heat Sink, Firing Board Circuit, Axial Flow Fan with Thermostat are available in following models :

15 KVAR PS15
25 KVAR PS25
50 KVAR PS50
100 KVAR PS100
150 KVAR PS150
30 KVAR PS30
60 KVAR PS60
120 KVAR PS120


Capacitors Bank

DUCA POWER Super Heavy Duty Series /
Ultima Super Heavy Duty Series at 525V 50/60Hz

Low losses < 0.2 W / KVAR
Max. peak current 4 In
Max. inrush current 450 In
Temperature Class -25 + 70 Deg. C
Life expectancy 150000 hrs

Harmonic Block Reactors

Insulation Class-H
Constructional Max.Volt. 1000V
Filtering Factor 5.6% (210Hz), 7% (189Hz),
14% (133Hz) or any other filtering factor on request
Linearity 200%
Inductance tolerance +2%
Temperature sensor(normally closed) 155 Deg. C
Detuned Prevent resonance condition by shifting the
capacitor / network resonant frequency to below
the first dominant harmonic (usually the 5th)
Tuned Designed to absorb a majority of the dominant
harmonics, usually the 5th and / or 7th.

Ambient Temperature +45Deg. C max short time
+35Deg. C average in 24 hours
+20Deg. C annual average
-10Deg. C low limit

Protection class - IP 40


Activcomp System for 400V-415V, 50 Hz with 7% Harmonic Block Reactors for Balanced loads

Part No. Output KVAR Banking Configuration Switching Sequence Dimensions W x D x H (mm)
PFC-D-120-P7 120 2x15, 1x30, 1x60 KVAR 1:1:2:4 800 x 850 x 2125
PFC-D-210-P7 210 2x15, 2x30, 2x60 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 800 x 850 x 2125
PFC-D-300-P7 300 2x15, 1x30, 4x60 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 800 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-510-P7 510 1x30, 2x60, 3x120 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 1600 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-600-P7 600 2x30, 1x60, 4x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 1600 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-720-P7 720 2x30, 1x60, 5x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 2400 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-810-P7 810 1x30, 1x60, 6x120 KVAR 1:2:4:4 2400 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-900-P7 900 2x30, 2x60, 6x120 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1020-P7 1020 2x30, 2x60, 7x120 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1110-P7 1110 1x30, 2x60, 8x120 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1200-P7 1200 2x30, 1x60, 9x120 KVAR 1:1:2:4:4 3200 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-1500-P7 1500 1x60, 2x120, 5x240 KVAR 1:2:2:4:4 4000 x 1150 x 2125
PFC-D-2040-P7 2040 2x60, 2x120, 7x240 KVAR 1:1:2:2:4 4800 x 1150 x 2125

Note : Use P14 for 14% Reactor on above specificationUse P5.67 for 5.67% Reactor on above specificationAny other voltage rating & specification on requestFor Unbalanced Activcomp System contact our Sales office.


Advantages Over Electro-mechanical Compensation System

Fast and Accurate Compensation

The Activcomp is a Transient Free Fast Compensation System. It is used for Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filter. The compensation is based on averaging the FFT analysis of each cycle, resulting in more accurate compensation, even in the presence of harmonics.

Simultaneous Group Connection

When load changes require connection or disconnection of more than one step, the Activcomp controls the switching of as many steps as required at precisely the same time. Simultaneous connection or disconnection provides the following benefits :

  • Fast full compensation.

  • For Eg., with 1:2:2 system configuration and groups 1 & 2 are connected. 
    When 1 more step is required, group 3 will be connected simultaneously while 
    group 1 is disconnected.

  • Real binary sizing - 1:2:2 is exactly the same as 1:1:1:1:1.

Transient-free Switching

Electronic switching technology prevents any transients typically associated with conventional capacitor switching. This is extremely important in sites with sensitive electronic equipment, such as hospitals, data centers and facilities.

Fixed Capacity & Filter Characteristics

The capacity of the Activcomp capacitors is virtually permanent over the years, which prevents the need to replace capacitors. Moreover the tuning frequency remains constant over time, which allows system performance to remain at the highest possible level.

There is an ongoing cumulative reduction of capacity in electro mechanically switched PFC systems due to the effect of transients during connections and disconnection. This can be detrimental to detuned electro mechanically switched systems where the changes in ratio between the capacitors/reactors shift the resonance frequency, which may result in resonance. The Activcomp prevents these conditions.

Long Life and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Neptune Activcomp reduces site maintenance costs by increasing the lifetime of:

  • Switching elements

  • Capacitors

  • Sensitive electronic equipment

Capacitor Duty Cycle-SCAN Mode

The unique SCAN feature protects the Activcomp's capacitors & reactors, increases their lifespan. Simultaneous connection and disconnection of steps in FIFO (First In First Out) manner is shown in diagram on the previous page.

The scan feature reduces the average current in the capacitors and the reactors and therefore providing the following advantages:

  • Reduces substantially the increase of temperature in these elements resulting in longer life expectancy of the inductors and capacitors.

  • Reduces the effect of over-current and over voltage caused by the harmonics on the capacitors and inductors.

  • The tuning frequency of the de-tuned filter or tuned filter is stable due to the fact that the capacitor value (micro farad) doesn't change due to the low temperature achieved by the scan mode.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The advanced DSP and microprocessor-based controller, with its large full graphic LCD display, provides easy-to-use operation. The controller includes a complete electrical measurement system, which can replace a facilities main monitoring meter. The controller operates the BIT (Built In Test), which reports system or network conditions. The optional PowerlQ software can remotely control all Activcomp operation and display additional system power information.

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