Offers the most advanced and best in World Power Quality Solutions with thrust in the key areas of Energy audit India, Energy Saving and Power Quality Management India

Group Company of Neptune India, NAAC is promoted by professionals having vast experience in this field. 

In recent years a lot of awareness has been generated in the field of  Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filter, Harmonic Filter India, Energy Saving and Power Quality Management   which are encountered by majority of electrical networks. 

Infect Neptune was one of the first companies in India to redirect their resources in tackling these Power quality issues. The result is the state of Art and highly technical solutions developed by us with foreign collaborations. The solutions are having unmatched features and advantages. All this is well supported by our excellent network of pre and after sales services offered by us. 

We have successful and satisfied Customer base of the products and solutions all over India in Commercial and Industrial segment.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filter

  • P.F Compensator - Automatic P.F correction series - 12.5 KVAr- 100 KVAr
  • Life Line Automatic P.F Correction Series - 50 KVAr-1000 KVAr
  • Life Line Series - Detuned/ Tuned Harmonic Filter Systems
  • ACTIVCOMP - Thyristor Switched Fast Harmonic Filter and P.F Compensation System
  • HF-System Passive Reactor based system for Load side Harmonic Filter
Data Warehousing & Power Quality Management Services - PQ-SCADA
  • M4000 Revolution in Power Quality Management - Web based M4000 technology offers most advanced solutions for managing complete network for recording, Storing and Analyzing Power Quality Data

  • PQSCADA Power Quality Management Software
Energy Management Systems
  • Web based Intelligent-networking solutions with M9, M30 and M2K based Analyzers.
  • WarpNet - Energy Scan & Management Software
  • Powertech - Networking, Energy Management & Billing Software
  • Power IQ - Networking & Power Quality Management Software
  • Power Quality studies for Operational / Network Problems
  • Power Quality Data warehousing services with PQZIP Technology & PQSCADA
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Load Monitoring and Data Recording Services
  • Power Factor Studies
  • Harmonic Studies
  • Energy audit India





Product & Solutions

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