Load flow analysis

Load flow analysis provides on Mains and major Loads following Parameters from 1 Hour to 7 days.

  • Active Power (KW), all phases & equivalent

  • Apparent Power (KVA) equivalent

  • Reactive Power (KVAr)

  • Power Factor (pf)

  • Currents , all phases and equivalent

  • Voltages , Line to Line and equivalent

  • THDS (V) and THD (I)

  • Dominant Harmonics

It shall help to determine how the system will operate in normal cycle and emergency conditions and during different parts of day or Week. P.F compensation system, Automatic or fixed installed in the network are also checked for their effect in the network.

The Load flow analysis has following advantages

  • Helps in future planning and present day operations by showing how the electrical system will perform during normal, emergency and various time slots of day or any period may be week or month as defined by the consumer.

  • It helps in minimizing energy cost by determining the location and size of power factor correction capacitors on each load

  • Helps in determining the proper voltage selection through transformer tap settings so that the correct voltage will be present in the network.

  • Determining the capacity utilization of major Loads.

  • Suggestion for improvement in Network efficiency

Load flow analysis

Load flow analysis

Load flow analysis

Load flow analysis

Load flow analysis



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