Power Quality Solution

Power Quality is becoming matter of major concern to all Commercial & Industrial electricity users as the problems it poses with its negative influence in the network.

Some of the Power Quality problems in the network can be evident inform of ?

  • Breaker tripping without any apparent reasons.

  • Frequent equipments failures, particularly electronics.

  • Burning and blowing up of breakers instead of tripping.

  • High KVA demand leading to demand charges.

  • Poor Power Factor penalties or Low Network P.F

  • Burning or Overheating of Capacitors, frequent fuse blowing or other problems in P.F. Corrections equipments.

  • Overheating of cables, main transformer or other switchgear components.

  • Software & Hardware problems in computer equipment.

  • Increase in operational problem when Load is shifted to Genset Supply from Utility supply or in some cases even vis versa.

  • Voltage fluctuation or flickering, Voltage sags and swells, Transients and Poor voltage regulation.

The Power Quality problems can be rated internally generated because of certain loads, their inherent characteristics and the way they operate or can it be external. Usually external problems are defined in terms of negative influence coming from the power source. There are certain power quality problems which becomes evident when load operates either on Genset or Utility supply. 

The net result is the losses which user suffer because of :

  • Operational problems in the network.

  • Equipment Downtime and higher maintenance cost.

  • Losses due to poor power quality

The above factors apart, it results in loss of reputation and poor quality because of break in services or disturbed production schedule on which user has no control. 

But the most intriguing fact is the reasons we seek for these failures. These are not known to the user thus making the user us to live with the problem or else taking some ineffective measures leading to further complications without any substantial improvement in the situation.

NAAC ENERGY CONTROLS can analyze and offer solutions to most of the Power Quality problems. It can help Customers 

  • To understand the different types of Power Quality Problems

  • To understand the causes of Power Quality Problems

  • Provide them with technical support in identifying the problems

  • Provide them with solutions to the problems using site studies from other installations.

To identify the above NAAC shall carry

  • Field Measurements

  • Analysis of field results

  • Computer Simulations of Problems

  • Examine optimum solutions and give specifications of the same

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Power Quality


Power Quality Solution


Power Quality Solution

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